Cashell Elementary School PTA


Show your Cougar spirit!

Ways & Means

Refilling our PTA bank account is what our Ways & Means programs are meant to do. They may also serve our other purposes, but if we didn't raise money, we couldn't be able to offer so many benefits to our school kids. Please continue to volunteer and support these efforts! Contact committee chair Shivaun Wilkinson


When you purchase from and use promo code CASHELL, you will get $5 off your purchase and CAshell will get $5 as well.

Please do your part by collecting and sending the BoxTops and Campbell's labels to school. Every little bit makes a difference. shopping supports Cashell.  When you shop on, you can help support the PTA.  If you click on this link, five percent (0.5%) of your purchase will automatically go to Cashell.  View the full email banner from Amazon here.

Giant A BonusBucks 
Every year we earn over one thousand dollars through this program which donates a portion of your grocery bill to designated schools, but every year we must register again. Register with your bonus card number @ or call 1-877-366-2668 to designate over the phone. Our school ID # is 00734, or fill out the A Designation card and return by backpack mail.

Harris Teeter's Together In Education 
Cashell Elementary joined Harris Teeter's Together in Education program to help raise funds for our school It's easy and it's FREE. Next time you shop at Harris Teeter, simply give the cashier our school code 8696 , and your VIC card when you check out and your card will be linked for the entire school year. Once your card is linked, Cashell will receive a percentage of your Harris Teeter brand ( Harris Teeter, Premier Selection, H.T. Traders, Harris Teeter Naturals, Your Pet, Hunter Farms, Highland Crest and More Value) purchases credited to our account. If you prefer, you can also fill out the school designation form that will be handed out at school and I will register your VIC card online through our school account. 

Safeway's escrip 
You can renew @ and click on "Yes! Renew" or send in your name, address and Safeway card number via backpack mail. Renewals must be completed by November 1st to continue with uninterrupted contributions. New registerations are accepted year long. Have your Safeway Club Card number available and click on "1-sign-up". Cashell's Group ID# is 6483600. 

Cashell Eats Out
The PTA arranges dine outs with local restaurants who share a portion of the revenue that Cashell families generate on a specific night. Typically, Cougar families descend like locusts and clean the restaurant out, generating business and a donation for the school. Besides a break from cooking, the Cashell Eats Out program is a great time for everyone--kids enjoy seeing their classmates and parents get a chance to meet each other. We've had fun at restaurants such as California Tortilla and Mamma Lucia and hope to see you out soon!

Spirit Days
Throughout the year, and often on half-days, Cashell students and staff are encouraged to be a little silly or to show their team colors. 

Spirit Wear
Nothing says school pride like wearing your school colors.

Staff Appreciation
The PTA shows its gratitude to the hard-working staff at Cashell by providing occasional treats, and by putting on a Staff Appreciation Week each year.

Variety Show
Each year, for many years, the Variety Show has provided a stage for our budding Cashell performers. Students form dance lines, sing, play musical instruments, and put on a show for parents and friends.  Please email with any questions.