Cashell Elementary School PTA



Please check back for further details about the 2018 - 2019 approved budget.


A copy of our bylaws can be downloaded here. They are due to be updated again this year (2019).

Building & Grounds

Plans and implements improvements to the outside of the school. Contact: Kent Rosenberger.

Nominating Committee

Currently empty, the three person (minimum) Nominating Committee is responsible for identifying people to run for election to the PTA executive board. Nominating Committee members are not themselves eligible for election to the board. If you're interested in helping to form a nominating committee, contact: OPEN.

Membership Committee

The Membership Committee runs the annual membership drive.  Contact: Carrie Headen.

Volunteer Coordinator

The Volunteers Committee keeps a list of people who are available to call on when people are needed to work at events or programs, and keeps track of the hours contributed to the school and PTA. Contact: OPEN

Programs for Meetings Committee

Our most awkwardly named committee, Programs For Meetings, identifies topics and presenters and marshals resources for the educational portion of our monthly PTA meetings. Contact: OPEN

NAACP Liaison

The NAACP Liaison maintains communication with the county and state PTA NAACP committees. Contact: Cassandra Carter.

Charity Committee

This committee works to coordinate the collection and donation of new toys and gently used coats to charity each December.  Volunteers also coordinate Cashell's annual food drive, also in December.  Contact: OPEN